Panpot installerte i mars 2014 Norges første Yamaha AFC3 anlegg i Storstua i Lørenskog Hus. Systemet er det første installerte flerbruks hall klanganlegg i Europa ved bruk av Yamahas tredje generasjons Active Field Control (AFC) teknologi


Storstua har fått 7 presets

Måle possisjonen var den samme for alle presets og gjort med bakteppe og tom sal.


Preset RT Beskrivelse

1. System OFF 0.7 AFC system er avslått

2. Voice Lift 0.9 Tale / Seminar

3. Short 1.1 Piano solo

4. Brass 1.1 For Storband / Korps

5. Medium 1.4

6. Kor 1.8 - 2.2 Kor

7. Demo 2 - 4 Demo


"When Lørenskog hus was built, the goal was to make the room acoustics In our main hall flexible enough for all genres of music (choir, marching bands, symphony and pop concerts..). Unfortunately, we ended up with a very dry room that gave the musicians on the stage very little feedback/help but a very good room for amplified music. So we knew that we needed to find a solution for the acoustic musicians, without ruining the good qualities that the room had for amplified music. We quickly found that an electroacoustic system was not only the best solution for us, but also the most cost efficient!



The system was installed in January, and is in use every day without any problems. The feedback from the musicians has been very good. They now feel less tired after rehearsals and concerts. They feel that they get good help from the “room” and that it feels natural.



The system covers all our requirements, it sounds natural, it`s stable, covers the stage and audience area and is very easy to use.»


Kristoffer Engen

Technical manager at Lørenskog hus