Fohhn Soundlab

Fohhn SoundLab

Yamaha AFC3 together with IOSONO

In July 2015 Panpot tuned a AFC3 system to work simultaneously together with an IOSONO 3 d sound system at the Fohhn Sound Lab in Nurtingen, Germany.

The Fohhn Soundlab is a relatively anechoic ‘dry’ space measuring 30m x 15m x 6m, used by the German loudspeaker manufacturer Fohhn to conduct electro-acoustic tests. But the Soundlab is also used as the home of two of the most advanced sound systems in the world: the IOSONO Immersive Sound system by Barco, and the Yamaha AFC3 Acoustic Field Control system, utilizing a Fohhn fixed-installed 3D loudspeaker system.

The Fohhn 3D loudspeaker system features 18 LX10 ceiling speakers, 24 LX100 side column

speakers and 4 AS40 subwoofers. All speakers are individually driven by 12 Fohhn D4750DSP

power amplifiers, receiving 46 audio channels through MADI using two D.O.TEC Andiamo

32 channel MADI D/A converters.The IOSONO Immersive Sound system is a powerful SSF

(Synthesis of Sound Field) system, capable of creating audio events in a 3-dimensional space using

wave field synthesis rendered in real time by the IOSONO ICP100 audio proces- sor. 3D mixes can

be produced using IOSONO workspace software, or by the IOSONO plug-in software Spatial Audio Workstation (SAW) exclusively for the Digital Audio Workstation Steinberg’s Nuendo. With a full production setup (Nuen- do, SAW) the system is ready for mixing 3D soundfields, also many sound examples and complete demos are available for playback in the SoundLab system.The Yamaha AFC3 system is the latest generation of ASF (Assistance of Sound Field) system, capable of enhancing the acoustic response of a space in real time using microphones and loudspeakers. AFC3 is a hybrid regenerative system, offering acoustic enhancement responding to sound sources anywhere in the room, using high density convolution tech- niques to generate a natural acoustic response - even in the relatively dry acoustic environment of the Fohhn Soundlab.The IOSONO system is connected to a Yamaha RMio64-D MADI/DANTE bridge, converting the MADI stream to a Dan- te network connecting to the AFC3 system. The AFC3 DSP frames have a 48 channel mixing matrix built in to merge the IOSONO channels with the AFC3 channels before transmitting them through the MADI stream to the amplifier rack. Because both systems can be used simultaniously, pre-produced 3D rendering can be combined with real time acoustic enhancement to create true immersive and interactive 3D audio experiences. Because both systems use the same net- worked audio infrastructure and electro-acoustic components, systems can be offered at a very cost-efficient level.Measuerments : (RT, EDT & G) and report (pdf) by Innovation Audio,

tuned by Panpot AS in February 2016

REVERBERATION TIME (4-point average)

STRENGTH G (ref. 1m)

EDT (av. 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz)