VIVACE Acoustics

SARA Skellefteå

VIVACE room acoustic enhancement

Sara Cultural centre is one of the tallest timber buildings in the world. Including a new premium concert hall, this building involving a hotel and will become Skellefteås new hub for art, concerts, shows, meetings and congresses

SARA concert hall has a capacity of 1200 seats. In autumn 2021 Audico AB installed a M-BBM VIVACE 64 room acoustic enhancement system. 83 loudspeakers and 38 microphones are mounted visually discrete and if possible hidden in architecture.  8 acoustic settings are tuned for several room types serving ideal acoustic for different types of performances. The system also offer a Voice lift system. 


The main auditorium (Gästscen) is the largest hall in the Kulturhus Skellefteå. It is a multi-purpose hall with 1200 seats and a volume of approximately 21500 m3 including the stagehouse. Floor surface area including the stage is 815 m2 and the height of the auditorium is approximately 25 m.
Variable acoustics is an important function of the auditorium as it will serve different scenarios with different acoustic requirement . Installed is a M-BBM VIVACE 64 system including 83 loudspeakers and 38 microphones including a in a voice lift system among 8 acoustic settings for different performances. Flutter echos can easily be masked as repairing lack of mid and high frequencies respons