VIVACE Room Acoustic Enhancement System

Fohhn Audio


Concert hall acoustics of European classical tradition

The VIVACE processors are based on a hybrid principle that combines active signal processing and convolution technology with a multi‐microphone regenerative signal processing.

This approach ensures that the room’s native acoustical characteristic is obtained and no acoustical separation between the stage area and the audience area occurs


Stearable sound and speakers for all kind of rooms

Fohhn Audio is in the leading position for developing active stearable speakers. Over 100  differnt speakers models for different purpose and all types of room acoustic challenges

Active DSP amplifiers fine-tunes each speaker system and  protect the system components for overload. 


Acoustic system for opera houses, theatres, open air and multi-purpose halls
VIVACE enhances the surround sound of large international halls without changing their individual characteristics. VIVACE highlights the acoustical strengths and compensates the weaknesses.

A lively acoustic is created.

In September 2022  a Fohhn DLI-130 Stearable system at Deichman Library in Oslo were tuned and adjusted for optimal performance 

Acoustic system for music schools, churches and small auditoriums
With Vicello, your room is transformed into a concert hall with a natural acoustic. At the push of a button, acoustically dry or dampened rooms receive a lively and free sound that multiplies the joy of singing and playing music.